Audit Your Calendar

Every three months, either by yourself or with your admin if you have one, audit your calendar, showing the percent of time you spent on each project, the percent of time you spent with individual leaders versus in large meetings, and the percent of time you spent recruiting versus managing versus building products (change these if not appropriate to your level and responsibilities). Then adjust these percentages to set goals for the next quarter. During this process, look to see if the breakdown in time supported your intentions. If not, the three-month mark gives you a chance for a reset and rebalance.

This audit also serves as a check on team-wide rhythms. Identify recurring meetings that have outlived their usefulness — i.e., they no longer serve the intention for which they were created. Ask yourself and the attendees whether each meeting is still the best way to achieve the goals that led to its creation, and cancel any that don’t.

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