Kill the Company: Identify Your Weaknesses Before Your Competitors Do

Kill the Company is about having an out-of-company experience. It’s about examining your weaknesses so that you can make them your strengths. In most businesses each year, we do a SWOT analysis [to examine] our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Most people use it as a political construct to say where they are strong and [to say that] they are not really weak — … [ Read more ]

Smart Bombing

One suggestion is to start with an exercise that is well labeled “Smart Bombing.” Analyze your company. What would you do if you were your closest competitor looking to attack your own company? Put yourself in your competitors’ position and think about how they might try to counter or off-set your advantages in the market place. Where are you possibly vulnerable?

Have your sales and … [ Read more ]

Create an Independent “Market Sensing” Function

Improving information flow is not just a matter of rolling out a new IT system; it’s a more complex endeavor. It’s not just how data gets to headquarters that is material, but what data gets there and how it is framed. Often, competitive realities have been white-washed by the time they are revealed to the executive suite.

Some winning companies create an independent “market sensing” function … [ Read more ]