A useful tool to zero in on decision-making problems and create higher-yielding change programs is a decision management tool we call RAPID. The idea is to clearly map out who plays what role in each critical decision and use that to enable swift decisions, without endless debates, second-guessing or pocket vetoes. It determines the captain of the boat, so to speak, but in a more … [ Read more ]

Downsizing Effectively: Eliminate Hierarchy

The way a company approaches downsizing can make or break its performance. Using 355 undergraduates as their sample, the authors randomly assigned five-person teams to work on military-based command-and-control simulations. The teams’ performance was gauged first at full strength in control groups and then after one of three separate downsizing approaches was applied to the same groups.

The first approach was to maintain the hierarchy, eliminating … [ Read more ]

Establish a Regular Review Process

Establish a regular review process for yourself, your team, and your organization to reflect on the reasons for both your failures and successes. This is a fundamental and critical component of learning. Based on the input of everyone involved, some organizations produce substantial documents or booklets on “lessons learned” following a major new product, service, or business launch.

Enhance Managers’ Ability to Commit Deeply to Projects

In 1984, Michael Hilti, then CEO and now Chairman of the Supervisory Board, launched an initiative designed to enhance his managers’ ability to commit deeply to projects. “I want our managers to take responsibility for what they do”, he said. “One of the central conditions for this is that they love what they do. The second is that they are aware that they have choices. … [ Read more ]

Support your employees by allowing them to support each other

As Jerome Mattern, chairman of the compensation and benefits committee at the Society for Human Resource Management, explains, “A vacation donation policy is a kind way for employees to engage in social camaraderie.” Such a program allows workers to donate vacation hours to a common “bank,” from which employees who are unable to work due to personal illness or crisis may draw. Employees in need … [ Read more ]