Making Onboarding Work

When bringing a new employee onto your team, the experience of current employees can be extremely valuable, particularly those who themselves were recently the new kid on the block. Ask your current employees what they wish they had known sooner. Brainstorm a list of buzzwords and acronyms. And ask current employees what their plans are to help the newcomer get on board and up to speed. Don’t think you have to figure this out yourself. Make assignments.

A key assignment is to get one person to take responsibility for shepherding the newcomer to lunch every day. And it’s ideal for everyone on the team to take the newcomer out to lunch on her first day as a ritual of celebration of her arrival.

It’s wise to assign a sponsor to help the new person get quickly on board. But make sure that the sponsor is a person that you want the new employee to emulate. Too often the assimilation process is shuffled off to the first available employee, including the most cynical, burned-out, turned-off, and disengaged members of the staff.

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