Practice the “Law of Three” when assessing applicants

The third time is often the charm-especially when searching for the perfect job candidate. Brian Tracy, author of Hire and Keep the Best People: 21 Practical and Proven Techniques You Can Use Immediately, recommends practicing the “Law of Three” when assessing applicants. To apply this technique, Tracy suggests that you interview at least three candidates for any position, then interview the applicant you like most at least three times. “A candidate who looks great at the first interview might look average at your second meeting and completely unacceptable at your third meeting,” writes Tracy.

Other ways of enforcing Tracy’s law include interviewing your best candidate in at least three different locations, speaking with at least three people who have previously worked with the candidate, and having at least three other managers or potential co-workers interview a candidate. Writes Tracy: “When co-workers feel that the hiring decision was influenced or determined by them, they feel a higher level of ownership and commitment to you, to the new person, and to the company.”

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