Upward Feedback and Culture Feedback Surveys

Managers must be evaluated both on what they get done and how they get it done. The “how” is often overlooked and undervalued. In terms of the “how,” determine whether the person works well cross-functionally, represents the company‘s values in both word and deed, receives strong upward feedback, and whether their team of reports has a high level of satisfaction working at the company.

To measure these attributes, it’s very helpful to run a twice-yearly upward feedback survey and a twice-yearly culture survey (in alternating quarters). Both of these allow you to take the pulse of how people are feeling about the company and their place in it.

Upward feedback surveys should ask people:

  1. Does your manager inspire you? How? (Sometimes he answer is no.)
  2. Does your manager represent company values?
  3. Does your manager set clearly-defined goals?
  4. Does your manager provide useful, action-oriented feedback?
  5. Does your manager provide professional development or coaching?

Culture feedback surveys should ask people:

  1. To what extent is your experience at work consistent with what’s stated in company-wide cultural values?
  2. Do you perceive that your peers and managers conduct themselves in accordance with these values?
  3. Are there any cultural values that you think are missing or should be added?
  4. Do you see any behavior that’s inconsistent with stated values? If so, can you share examples?
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