About This Site

Call them ideas, tips, best practices, or what you will. I read a lot about business and occasionally I come across a practice that seems to me should be in wider use. So, I created this site to bring those management ideas to your attention. For the most part, I have kept track of the original sources for these tidbits of business inspiration and give proper credit for them, but there might be an odd one or two for which I have forgotten or never quite knew the source. In these cases, or in the case that I have not correctly attributed something, I apologize in advance and ask for your corrections. Likewise, please share any good tips you may have.

About Your Editor

My name is Jeff Blum and I have been researching and referencing business management and leadership material since early 2000 when I launched MBA Depot, a free resource for MBAs and managers.

I am a graduate of the MBA program at the University of Texas at Austin and I have a diverse set of career experiences. I began my career working for a Fortune 50 company and have since extended my expertise to the field of entrepreneurship, starting and/or working with a half dozen new businesses. I have also lived and worked in seven countries and I have a strong interest in international business, culture and language. Despite my busy schedule, I do occasionally take on short-term management consulting projects so if you would like to discuss this possibility, please contact me.