Introduce a Secondary Domain for Better Email Inboxing

By creating multiple sending domains, email marketers have a great opportunity to increase inboxing as a result of segmentation.

First, marketers can use multiple domains to mail different subscriber segments (more and less engaged) or different types of campaigns (one domain dedicated to marketing campaigns, another dedicated to support emails, a third dedicated to triggered, etc.)

Domain separation also helps maintain a consistent deliverability rate by setting … [ Read more ]

Developing Non-IT Managers with Robust Data Skills

Perhaps the biggest challenge for companies seeking to take advantage of its data resources is how few non-IT managers possess robust data skills. A consumer products company addressed this issue by requiring its MBA hires to go through an intensive orientation on data and its use, which includes placing recruits on the data team for some time. This program has enabled the company’s business side … [ Read more ]

Annual Report for Technology

A company’s business units and technology organization need to be much more in tune with each other. Here’s a simple idea: have the CEO and CTO jointly issue an annual report for technology—something analogous to the annual report for investors and the broader market. This document would not only provide a candid overview of the ability to extract business value from technology but also substantiate … [ Read more ]

Educating IT Professionals in Business Strategy

A very successful technique for educating IT professionals in business strategy is to assign them to mentor senior corporate executives. In what turns out to be mutual mentoring, the business professionals learn what the company’s IT systems can do, how to evaluate and use different PC software, navigate the Internet, and how to better understand IT as they’re teaching the IT professionals how rational decision-making … [ Read more ]

Stream of Commerce Model

What we’re saying is if you’re going to message somebody, if you’re going to advertise or whatever you want to call this new medium, the best time to do it is right in that stream of commerce. So you go to that site to sign up for a paid subscription. It’s $21 a year. That’s a great time to say, when their wallet is now … [ Read more ]