Climate Safety is an Important Factor in an Innovative Climate

A fearless workplace frees people to take the risks innovation requires. At W.L. Gore, the Delaware chemical products company famous for Gore-Tex and other high-performance products, mistakes made in the pursuit of novel solutions are accepted as part of the creative process. When a project is killed, staff members celebrate its passing with beer and champagne. When a project fails, a post-mortem is conducted. Flawed … [ Read more ]

Promoting Social Interaction at Work

Xerox PARC, a pioneer in attempting to maximize the social nature of information sharing, had its researchers doing short postings outside their offices on current projects, so passersby could rapidly discern where they might want to talk more with the occupant of the office.

Encouraging Independent Projects at Work

I would have a policy like Hewlett-Packard had when I worked there, before starting Apple. They encouraged you to work on little inventions of your own, and you would get some financial support from the company to build them. The company benefits in two ways. You’re becoming better at designing things for the company because you’ll force yourself to learn ways to solve your own … [ Read more ]