Bolster Your Company’s “Innovator’s DNA”

Recent research by Christensen, Brigham Young University Professor Jeffrey Dyer and INSEAD Professor Hal Gregersen concludes that successful innovators share a set of attributes. The good news is that anyone can bolster their “Innovator’s DNA” by taking the right actions.

For example, organizations can help individuals develop their DNA by providing experiential learning opportunities such as “job swaps.” In 2008, Procter & Gamble swapped employees with Google so employees could experience each other’s culture and approach and bring the learning back to their respective organizations. Consider finding an organization that is noncompetitive, innovative and with which you would share a mutual benefit by swapping employees.

Also think about action-learning programs that can help groups of high-potential leaders get their feet wet in an innovation project by working on teams tasked with solving an important innovation problem for the organization, such as “Where should we develop a new growth business?”

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