Improving the Relationship Between Sales and Marketing

If you have a disparate relationship between sales and marketing and want to get it together in rapid order than try the following gambit that has worked for Mark Walker, Head Coach of Marketing Whisperers, Ltd.

Give the sales team carte blanche to build an outline for a Marketing ROI model – without any marketing input. They will love it! Then tell the marketing team to build a Sales ROI model – Yes, without any sales input.

Years of abuse, real or imagined will pour out into these two documents. Then get the two groups together with the mandate to lock the doors and not come out until you’ve both signed off on the others model. Upon reading each others documents you will find many things; huge amounts of misinformation, some great ideas, totally different definitions for the same words and finally the basis for agreements.

It is the best, fastest way to all get on one page I have discovered in 20+ years of marketing.

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