Nurture Your Talent Pool With Drip Email Marketing

Most of the time we can only hire one person for a position. That means we may have to turn down some really talented people. Don’t let the work you did finding that talent go to waste. They can become a stable of potential employees ready to fill your next position.

One easy way to make this work is through drip email marketing. Once you’ve made the decision to hire for a position, put the rest of the promising candidates into a campaign that sends a drip email 2-3 times per year. Keep the emails simple. Remind people who you and your company are, ask them how they’re doing, and make it easy for them to check out your careers page and connect with your company on social media if they want more info. Over time, you’ll build up a list of people who remember you as a potential employer, who you can hit with an email once you’ve got an open position they qualify for.

If you hire just a couple times a year, setting up a drip campaign may be as easy as putting a reminder on your calendar. You might also try a service like Boomerang that lets you schedule emails and set email reminders. If you’re doing a bit more hiring and think you’d be sending a few hundred emails per year, it might be easier to manage your campaigns through a service like Mailchimp that lets you send different emails to different groups and automate easily.

Note: this tactic applies equally well to former employees that you would be happy to re-hire someday.

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