Establish a Company PowerPoint Protocol

Several years ago, Pentagon officials put out specific guidelines for computer presentation. They did so to force briefing officers to spend less time developing great slides – and more time developing great briefings. They were also interested in curbing the use of unnecessary PowerPoint features – like wildly zooming pictures and exotic slide transitions. Among other points, a good protocol should mandate the use of … [ Read more ]

Team Building Through Volunteerism

Studies show that encouraging and supporting staff to get involved in the community is a great way to motivate employees and increase team spirit. But instead of sending folks out on their own to volunteer, take your team out for a day to support a local group. This builds collaboration and a sense of respect and accomplishment.

Foment a Fun and Fast Fundraiser

That’s how firefighters in the town of Toluma got a badly-needed but expensive piece of equipment, a deluge gun, without asking their cash-strapped city council for a single dime.

Here’s how. Business was slow all over their town. The firefighters were getting nowhere when they asked for donations from business owners experiencing a weak economy.

Yet when they approached the manager of a Pizza Hut he said … [ Read more ]

Team Building by the Book Team Building by the Book

One of the most effective ways to improve your team dynamics is to dialogue as often as possible. Books, DVDs and even magazine articles are a great way to get your teams talking. And you might learn a thing or two about yourself in the process! Once a month, pick a relevant business book and purchase them for your team. Give them a deadline to … [ Read more ]

The Crucible of Training

Recruits are not addressed as “Marines” for nearly three months; they must first pass through the crucible of training. Why is it we, in private enterprise, greet our new employees with “Welcome to the team,” without creating the conditions that make for a meaningful graduation from our own training? We should be saying, instead, “Welcome to the best training program in the industry. In a … [ Read more ]

Leverage Your Learning/Training Spending

Require anyone who spends time in a seminar, conference, or training class to come back and share what they have learned and how they will apply the knowledge. This not only reinforces the learning but also creates a ripple effect in a learning circle. Follow-up within a short time frame to see if the employee has put any of the ideas into practice.