Improve Your Interviewing Process

NerdWallet gives candidates the following materials to make their experience before and after company onsites better:

  • An interview day outline. NerdWallet sends every candidate an outline detailing their day at the office 48-hours before they arrive. It includes: the names and roles of the team members with whom they’ll meet, interview times and duration, and any activities they will be participating in throughout the day. The goal is to provide them with all of the information they’ll need to be excited to come in and have a great experience.
  • Transportation tips. To help people avoid feeling frazzled walking into their interview, NerdWallet provides transportation tips, such as the nearest bus stops and parking spots, so candidates can start their day on a positive note.
  • Literature for loved ones. Before a candidate receives an offer, NerdWallet shares their Benefits Summary: A helpful guide for people to take home to their families, and say, “Hey, I’m considering this offer. Let’s look through this together.”

NerdWallet’s recruiting team also gives each team member extensive intel on each candidate. “Interviews account for a bulk of time your team spends with candidates. You need to have really strong alignment to make a cohesive and meaningful impact. You have to take advantage of that time. Every interview is an opportunity to tell the NerdWallet story. We equip every interviewer with candidate bios, how they were brought into the process — whether reach-out or referral, the role and required skills for the open position as well as how the candidate is currently evaluating the position at that juncture — essentially if they’re excited or passive. This gives team members the context to assess candidates well. NerdWallet also relies on the company’s career development matrix to understand where a candidate fits into the team’s current structure. Each learning is shared with the hiring team.”

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