GOTE Framework for Maximize Meetings

Companies train people in their computer systems, HR policies, and more. They devote energy to optimizing production lines and supply chains. They invest in innovation workshops. Yet they seem to assume that the ability to effectively lead and participate in meetings is somehow embedded in the human genetic code. Perhaps it seems too basic a skill. However, if any organization adds up the amount of time people spend in meetings, it will become clear how important meeting proficiency is to overall operational excellence.

A reader who had also received facilitation training shared the GOTE framework that she learned there: State the goals for the meeting. Note the obstacles to the goals. Articulate the tactics to be used to overcome the obstacles and/or achieve the goal. State the long-term expectations for the project or relationship to ensure that participants don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. This is but one framework. The takeaway is that there is value in having your people trained to run meetings according to a consistent, disciplined methodology.

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