How Effective Is Your Current Message?

Product-market fit is all about finding a product that solves a problem and a message that resonates with your target customers. Evaluate internally and externally whether your current message is consistent and effective.

Internal Evaluation: How consistent is your sales team in communicating product value?

The following exercise is a great way to get a quick understanding where your sales team stands. Send each of your sales reps a personal email that asks to write:

  • 1 sentence company pitch (what do we do?)
  • 1 sentence problem pitch (what problem are we solving?)
  • 1 sentence competitive pitch (how are we different from anyone else?)
  • 1–3 value propositions in bullet point (why customers should buy from us?)

Better yet, get them all in the room and give them a piece of paper and 3 minutes to write the answer to these questions in front of you. This way, you can ensure that no one is digging into product description on your website or is using your current sales deck.

Repeat this exercise with your marketing, customer success, and product teams. Compare the results, look for patterns, and check your website’s homepage message.

  • How far off are your teams?
  • Do all of your sales reps communicate the same high level value proposition?

External Evaluation

Send a quick email to your customers with a short survey asking:

  • Why did they buy your product? What problem they were looking to solve?
  • What value do they receive from the product?
  • How do they use your product?

Now compare the results. How far off are internal and external messages?

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