Create an Owner’s Manual for Your Product or Service

Every business, product, or service can and should create their version of an operating manual that contains various forms of higher education delivered in a variety of available formats and mediums.

Here are some specific ideas that might get you started producing your manual:

  • Create a getting-started guide for your product, company, or service
  • Create a series of how-to videos and promote the links to them in your new customer kit or packing slip
  • Create an automated e-mail series that teaches lessons and tips
  • Create an online or off-line tutorial session and hold it every Monday at 10:00 A.M. for all new customers. (Make sure everyone in the company can conduct these!)
  • Create a follow-up phone consultation session as part of your product

And if you really want to turn this idea into a customer focused project, recruit actual customers that would be willing to let you shoot video of them using your product or talking about your service in ways that would be instructive to new or prospective users or customers. By including your existing customers in your manual, you add an even greater level of credibility, testimonial, and customer loyalty. Heck, it might even turn into some fun as well.

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