Create Targeted Recruitment Approaches for Different Profiles of Applicants

A warning to senior executives of companies across industries: Your recruiters could be repelling your best job applicants. They’re providing the same recruiting messages to all candidates. But the reality is that not all applicants are looking for the same things. So companies must create distinct, targeted recruitment approaches for different profiles of applicants.

Applicants with advanced educational degrees, for example, are attracted to specific attributes of a company, such as its mission and culture. Applicants who are seeking full-time rather than part-time work, in contrast, look for other attributes, such as the opportunity to learn and grow. To attract the right applicants — and ultimately, to bring the right talent on board — executives must understand what makes their company attractive to people in their different applicant pools and what compels those people to apply.

To attract highly talented people to your company:
1) Identify and prioritize different types of positions and job seekers.
2) Study applicants for — and employees in — your high-priority positions.
3) Communicate and integrate messaging.

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