Pick Up the Phone and Call Outliers

Every time Lloyd Tabb finds an outlier in Looker’s user base he looks up the customer’s contact information and calls. During the early years, he did this daily. “I call people because I want to know how they feel using our software. If they aren’t using Looker, I want to know why. Is there something wrong? Are they stuck? If they are active users, I want to understand their experience and how we can improve it,” says Tabb. “I learned about calling outliers at LiveOps. When I noticed a set of calls that were statistically weird, I had the luxury of listening in to the calls. For example, one agent had particularly long calls. I could see that the agent spoke slowly, but the customer on the other end was really engaged, even more so than on other calls. Long calls, in this case, weren’t a bad thing.”

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