Telling Your Company’s Story in Video

There’s a new story at your business every day. Maybe you dreamed up a great idea or shot down a bad one. Maybe a customer surprised you with the way he or she uses your product. Perhaps a client or an employee came to you with a suggestion for something you’d never thought of before.

There are hidden opportunities in these everyday moments. They make great stories—and in today’s business world, you’re missing an opportunity if you ignore a good story. That’s because great brands are the ones that tell the best stories. Sure, good products and service matter, but stories are what connect people with companies.

37signals has always been big believers in storytelling but until recently most of it was done in words. So the founder decided it was time to change the approach to storytelling by hiring a full-timer. They put a job ad up on their blog, describing the role and listing the kinds of projects in mind (customer stories; documenting the way they work together; even showing their lives outside of work, because they have a lot of interesting employees).

The company got more than 100 applications, narrowed those down to about a dozen, and then asked those finalists to produce a three-minute video about a person or business they found interesting. They were given just about a week to do it. The video was to be shot, edited, and produced entirely solo—no crew or assistants allowed. Their only direction was to tell us a good story.

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